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Writer’s Corner #6

Welcome to 2017! This week’s writer’s corner is about some useful websites that are an invaluable help for any writer. Grammarly This is your go-to place for all things grammar and punctuation. Respect your peers and never send out a draft for critique unless you sorted the grammar first. It’s often hard to focus on the big picture if you keep wondering what did the author said...

Writer’s Corner #5

Today we’ll discuss the first chapter. Arguably, one of the most important chapters. 4 Approaches for the First Chapter of Your Novel – this article is dated, but very useful. It explains a few ways you can start your story and gives the advice on how to follow up. Consider your choices, and then choose the beginning that fits naturally with the story you want to tell. If you approach your...

Writer’s Corner #4

The writer’s corner four is about reading. Might sound controversial, but reading is an important part of a writer’s life. Roz Morris on Why Writers Should Read – an interview that focuses on reading habits. Everyone has to find their own muses. It’s essential to have a range of writers who make you raise your game. I’m always trying to improve my storytelling and my use of language...

Writer’s Corner #3

Writer’s Corner episode three is out! Let’s discuss some planning things today. Everything You Need to Know About Planning Your Novel – it’s a huge and excessive list, but it has lots of valid points. Be sure that you have an ample backstory worked out, and a good projection of where you intend to take this person.This is the character that will be dragging your reader by their...

Writer’s Corner #2

Welcome to the second episode of the writer’s corner. Today I’ll discuss some tools of trade. 5 Writers on Scrivener – I use scrivener for my writing. I love it. Get comfortable. One of the great things about Scrivener is how flexible it is. You can set the full-screen editor up exactly how you like, with your favourite font, line height, line width, even a background image. If you...

Writer’s Corner #1

I want to trial a new category in this blog – a writer’s corner: I’ll write bi-weekly posts with useful links about writing. This is now I feel about most of my writing How To Choose A Critique Partner For Your Writing – the post is old, but the points are very important. Are you looking for an overall opinion on plot and pacing? Worried about your point of view? Concerned about your...



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