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I want to trial a new category in this blog – a writer’s corner: I’ll write bi-weekly posts with useful links about writing.

This is now I feel about most of my writing

How To Choose A Critique Partner For Your Writing – the post is old, but the points are very important.

Are you looking for an overall opinion on plot and pacing? Worried about your point of view? Concerned about your characters? Or are you simply looking for a line edit to catch grammatical errors and typos? Let your critique partner know exactly what you want and avoid conflict down the road.

Make sure you know what exactly are you looking for in a critique. Ask the questions. Ask accurate questions.

3 Ways Writers Can Instantly Spot Telling – isn’t ‘show, don’t tell’ the most annoying, aggravating yet the most important rule that is so enjoyable when you finally shape the words just in the right way? The article describes different kinds of telling (not all of those are wrong!) from the sentence and up to the scene level.

No matter where you find your told prose, before you revise it, take a step back and consider: What are you trying to tell your readers? Once you pinpoint what’s important and what needs to be conveyed, you’ll be better able to choose how to show that information.

The Written Image: The African Svelte – English is such a curious language. Sometimes my own writing gets on the loose too, when I lose my way with words.

In one example a writer describes someone as “like a puppy on a string,” and Menaker explains that it’s not an outlandish slipup to make, since it turns out “puppy” and “puppet” are derived from the same French root for “doll” or “toy”: poupée. “English is a marvelous jumble,” Menaker writes.

This is it for the Writer’s Corner #1. See you back soon!

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