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This little writeup is the first part of noting down the latest changes in my form that happened as I embraced more of my feral side. It’s curious how thoughts can easily add those tiny details to the looks.

I’ve been consolidating the small and large body changes that differ me from a regular human, deciding to do a few drawings to expose those. Apart from my ears and tail I’ve got interesting changes in how I sweat, smell, and a bunch of strange details in my reproductive system. The latter was the easiest given that my favourite artist specialises in furry porn.

To give a short recap, I consider myself a feral beast, a wolf. That body isn’t much good for being social though, so I have a mental shape-shift ability that I use to turn mostly human.

My toenails (and fingernails) seem to have this grey-brownish colour; they are pointy, too. I have to trim fingernails often to play violin, but I rarely look after toenails. They seem to look fine without my attention.

I have slightly hairy shins, although white fur is not that noticeable on the pale skin. I guess that is expected given I am usually quite a fluffy wolf in my natural body.

The tail looks pretty common for a wolf’s tail, it is just a tiny bit longer than one I have in feral form, more fluffy. It retains all other properties of a wolf tail, too, including bone structure and the scent gland. It used to be more flexible early in my life, not as much nowadays. I think that’s how tulpa forms work: when you learn more about the object of interest (in this case – the tail) the mind gets better at constraining you. I have a few scent glands around my butt, too, noticeable in this body as the little moles.

My pubic area has a little patch of fur or undercoat, it’s the soft belly type of animal fur. It is a bit more than an inch long and is contained over a small area of the crotch, covering the intimate bits. As for those, I think it’s the most strange mix of how my body gets from human to wolf.

Starting with darker pigmentation of clitoris and surroundings, I have underdeveloped inner labia and additional musculature on the sides to facilitate knotting. The vagina itself is canine all way in, so the human anatomy is only the outside part.

There is a little patch of fur going up from the tail and over the two bottom vertebrae, it’s not part of the tail, just some fur that seems to be left from the transformation. I guess it’s not as bad as if I had hackles over my whole back?

The upper part of my body is rather conventional. My skull has some major differences in that the ears are on top of the head, not on the sides. I think it leaves less space for the brain but I haven’t had a chance to check that (not that I would care about that too much). Pointy chin and feral anatomy of eyes make me look creepy, but I guess that full set of canine teeth looks even more strange; I try not to smile overly broadly.

The images below references a few points from this description.

Warning: graphical nudity. Click to show the gallery

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