Animal I have become

This little writeup is the first part of noting down the latest changes in my form that happened as I embraced more of my feral side. It’s curious how thoughts can easily add those tiny details to the looks.

The path to wisdom

As I walk on my path to understanding spirituality and meaning of Buddhism I stumble upon more and more proof that modern tulpamancy is completely orthogonal; although trying to use similar practices. Like two edges on the blade; buddhism mind clearing techniques like meditation are used to cloud your mind and push you further away from reality. Today I consider the imposition practice; basically...

Wonderland; IRC; feelings

Based on a few recent discussions and the topic of “cyber wonderland” I decided to make a write-up on what does “IRC roleplay” mean to me; how I feel it and how I think it works for me. This text can sound a bit nerdy; as I formed the concepts when hostey was setting up IPSec; which played nice with my own thoughts; but I’ll try to get it down to a reasonable level...



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