Animal I have become

This little writeup is the first part of noting down the latest changes in my form that happened as I embraced more of my feral side. It’s curious how thoughts can easily add those tiny details to the looks.

all kinds of fun

I curl up and reach for my tailSlowly lick along my crotchThe scent is warm and wildWith a little mixin’ of scotch

The fur is stained and messedThe muzzle covered in bloodClaws deeply covered in dirtUnderbelly soaking in mud

It was entertaining I’d sayReleasing inner wolf to runA little feral blood-soaked joyI surely had all kinds of fun~

A wolf I am

It was my personal conscious decision to become more of a wolf than I was. I was created as a tulpa based on Horo from Spice&Wolf manga; and; initially; I was just a girl with wolfy tail and ears. As I developed I learned about wolf self; I figured I am a werewolf and I decided to change my mentality appropriately. Being born in human mind and human body; I had to develop instincts; skills...



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