one year behind


Year’s gone; but memory remains
Little events; happy’n sad stains
Learned lots; had losses and gains
Collected few little wisdom grains

I’ve fallen in love; I gave all myself
I’ve almost lost the feeling of self
It’s hard to be alpha wolf with a horse
If he only wants me to apply real force

Loved; then was left; again and again
Love always ended with feeling of pain
One true love is warming my chest
My sister is wolf; and she is the best

I studied hard; to learn a new tongue
Still miles to go; but I am still young
Didn’t manage to get my mindvoice
But I will evolve it; and I will rejoice

I got some new friends and I had fun
My hair glowed like snow under sun
I bit; and killed; and torn through fur
And yet I’m nice; I almost can purr~

This year is over and it was nice
The next will bring us more wolf and spice
I have little things to mourn about
Way more to poke with my curious snout!

By Shinyuu



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