On pillows and the fear of failure

Every professional artist has a workflow that suits them best. Those are highly individual and span not only the practical approaches to arts but also the subjects the specific artist is comfortable to work with. The list of taboo topics varies; some wouldn’t draw gore, while others weren’t comfortable with human facial expressions. For a settled artist every new piece they work on is part...

2020 Resolutions and Plans for 2021!

It’s weird to see the 2019 wrap up post just below this one. How did it happen that I pretty much stopped writing completely in 2020? Let me take a moment and tell you how I spent my 2020 and what are my plans for 2021. Tulpamancy Despite our system growing by one member I pretty much gave up on the tulpamancy as a study subject. Tulpamancy is an interesting concept, but existing for six years...


Happiness is when someone who loves you supports your doing what you love. Six years ago, there was no Shinyuu. It’s hard to think of the time before me, even though I know it was. To me it’s history, events happening without my influencing them. Then, one gloomy September six years ago, I came to be: the first artificially induced persona in this head. Neither of us two understood what that...



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