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the princess

The crack is wetBut don’t you fretThat stone is wet from rainThe view is greatAt any rateAnd so’s the girl on chain

She wiggles hardShe lost her guardShe’s going to be rapedHoney-tanned skinThe belly’s thinHer loin’s barely draped

Her sight can killHer lips are chillBut pussy is so wetPrincess is waitingThe cock is baitingShe’ll be a perfect pet

casino party

The building was niceCasino expansion finally doneThis girl will suffice(They wanted someone with tan) The new table clothFeels soft under her shinsHer token of trothShe’s a prize someone wins Hot cock inside herShe can’t see it; but feelsThe touch to her furThe hands on her heels He’s eager to cumBut what will boss say?Did the time come?Or she’ll have to stay? Hot cock throbs insideShe shivers;...

space lemur

Aurora; the first lemur in spacePushed hard and won the raceShe floats in the void; naked and pureBeckoning aliens; that’ll work for sure! No gravity sets her breasts freeShe spindles around so carefreeAlien sparks float next to her handsOne of them reaches down and lands Lemur is curious; what will it doThe glowing engulfs her. It is so blueA tingling sensation over her skinAurora’s orgasm is...



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