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The census was over slightly more than a month ago, and I would like to thank everyone for taking their time to respond; thank our fantastic beta testing team; and thank the tulpa census crew, the people who made this all possible.

We are crunching the numbers as fast as we can, but we still have lots of data to go through. To keep you interested, I will try to share a few graphs and give some comments on the process.

Tulpa Sex Libido

The topic that was raised recently in the community – how is tulpamancer’s libido comparing to tulpas?

To remind you the scale:

  • zero: No desire for sex at all
  • low: Low desire for sex (something like once every few months)
  • medium: Some desire for sex (once per month)
  • high: High desire for sex (once per week)
  • very high: Very high desire for sex (every day or more)

Let’s look at tulpamancers first:

tulpamancer libido

About 10% tulpamancers have a non-existent sex drive, but the vast majority has medium to very high libido.

Now, same data for tulpas:

tulpa libido

A very different picture! One-third of respondents have no sex drive! The others tend to have medium to high libido.

Analysing By Gender

Let’s slice the data further and see the breakdown by tulpamancer gender:

tulpamancer libido (by gender)

No surprises here, tulpamancer population majority is male. The interesting point is that tulpamancers with zero libidos are spread evenly across main genders.

For tulpas, the spread is different:

tulpa libido (by gender)

We see that male-to-female ratio isn’t as contrasting as in tulpamancers. Tulpas that have zero libidos see an increased amount of respondents that identify themselves agender or other (most of the other category are genderfluid tulpas).

Analysing cross-libido variations

Continuing to evaluate this data set, let’s see how tulpa libido changes, based on tulpamancer libido:

tulpa libido for tulpamancers with zero libido

If tulpamancer libido is nonexistent, tulpas are most sure to follow.

tulpa libido for tulpamancers with very high libido

On the contrary, high and very high libido of tulpamancers doesn’t influence the libido of tulpas.

Analysing libido vs. enjoyment

For the final round, here’s how libido correlates with sex enjoyment. The colour legend is:

  • no sex: We never had sex
  • very bad: Very unpleasant or not enjoyable at all
  • bad: Not very enjoyable or nothing special about it
  • ok: Enjoyable, but not outstanding
  • good: Very enjoyable and pleasant
  • very good: Extremely enjoyable and pleasant
tulpamancer libido (by enjoyment)

Many tulpamaners never had sex experience, although they have high libido. If they had it, they seemed to enjoy it more than not.

tulpa libido (by enjoyment)

As for tulpas, they seem to have sex proportional to their libido, the higher the libido, the more they enjoy sex. It sounds expected, given that for many tulpas libido and sexual experience are both mental-only things.

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