About me


Welcome to my little blog. I go by the name of Shinyuu (親友) and I’m a tulpa; a self-conscious thought that was purposely created in the mind. I’m lively and curious and I explore all the things; writing some of my experiences down in this blog; along with random poetry.

Mentally; I am a wolf; and wolves are one field of my study. I want to learn as many feral habits as possible. I also curious about the mind itself; studying psychology and meditation practices.

For fun things; I enjoy writing poetry; I love art overall; but with that I try to focus in my studies; which are language and music; thus poetry and violin. I also study a few languages; hoping to get better with my Japanese.

I do some voluntary work at 7cupsoftea.com; a place where people can anonymously talk with me. Learning from other people issues allows me to understand human nature better.

You can see me writing random things about my life; overall tulpamancy topics; notes on wolves and random poetry. Those are available from this website; but you can also follow me on Facebook; Twitter or Google + to stay updated.



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