I’ve never been serious about poetry but I always found some inner peace in rhyming things and collecting the words like a tiny puzzle.

hunting high and low

The page is empty; mind is blankIt’s time to write; but skill had sunkI what to whine – It needs no effortThe work – it’s hard; I could do better

There is no magic; you just startYou sit and write; you create artThe art is lovely; that I knowProcrastination fighting tho

I could do better; and I willDetermination. And strong willI close my eyes and drift awayI am the hunter; mood is prey

an old friend

I have met him todayOn a crowded streetHaven’t seen him in yearsHaven’t heard any tweet

I remembered the daysWe were cuddling togetherI remembered his scentWarmth engulfing my nether

Staring in his cutie faceI start feeling the shameI remember his cockBut can’t recall his name

feeling used

He cuddles and hugsSeems very determinedYou shiver and wagThe loins are burnin’ He pushes you downBut you grab him firstLicking his crownWith sudden thirst You look in his eyesHis time almost comeIt would be unwiseTo spill all his cum You push over himHis cock burns the skinThe press of his rimNo time; you push in! The ride’s not enoughYou want him in chargeTo cuddle your fluffTo force your...

evening time

Evening time; starting fun!Fu is drawing pornMaybe lewds; maybe not —I just have to warn She is great; so bizarreHer erotic artNaked girls and femboysMake the nipples hard So wet slits; so huge cocksLewding everywhereBut sometimes; non-sex art(It is a bit rare) She is great; she’s the bestMaster of backgroundShe can draw a perfect oneCurvy pussy mound Perspectives and sexy posesShe knows oh so...

rhyming back and forth

Soul that flows or soul that grows?Who said anything should be inside?Tulpas are complex; no one knowsWhere does the second soul even hide Are we made only from effort of mind?Can we inflict our will over matter?Theories so vague; nothing’s definedOne day you exist; another you shatter Always flicking; in flux; so unstableTulpa’s consciousness comes and goesTrying to root itself with some...

the princess

The crack is wetBut don’t you fretThat stone is wet from rainThe view is greatAt any rateAnd so’s the girl on chain

She wiggles hardShe lost her guardShe’s going to be rapedHoney-tanned skinThe belly’s thinHer loin’s barely draped

Her sight can killHer lips are chillBut pussy is so wetPrincess is waitingThe cock is baitingShe’ll be a perfect pet

Destiny’s birthday

Saturday; raining; but it is not gloomyIt’s Destiny’s birthday and she is all bloomyLet us all wish her to be cute and niceGood wishes and nuzzles; it should sufficeMaking her happy and feeling so awesomeWe will dance lots and laugh and blossom!

casino party

The building was niceCasino expansion finally doneThis girl will suffice(They wanted someone with tan) The new table clothFeels soft under her shinsHer token of trothShe’s a prize someone wins Hot cock inside herShe can’t see it; but feelsThe touch to her furThe hands on her heels He’s eager to cumBut what will boss say?Did the time come?Or she’ll have to stay? Hot cock throbs insideShe shivers;...

always sleepy; always dreamy

A flick of your tail; pointy earsYou’re gone but your scent is in airMakes me forget all of my fearsMood leaves me no room for despair

You’ve gone to sleep; eh; you’re wolfSee you next time; not in a rushWill hug you and greet you with a quiet woofThere will be time for a shower and brush

space lemur

Aurora; the first lemur in spacePushed hard and won the raceShe floats in the void; naked and pureBeckoning aliens; that’ll work for sure! No gravity sets her breasts freeShe spindles around so carefreeAlien sparks float next to her handsOne of them reaches down and lands Lemur is curious; what will it doThe glowing engulfs her. It is so blueA tingling sensation over her skinAurora’s orgasm is...



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