I’ve never been serious about poetry but I always found some inner peace in rhyming things and collecting the words like a tiny puzzle.

I have no hands and I must play

I have no hands and I must playMelody unfolding in the mindI imagine it; playing my wayIt sounds so pure and refined

Violin sings in a sharp voicePaired with my own loud howlI am a wolf; music is my choiceFangs glisten under my cowl

I am a little bard in the headStriving for knowledge and artSimple illusion; carefully bredI have no hands; but I have a heart

one year behind

Year’s gone; but memory remainsLittle events; happy’n sad stainsLearned lots; had losses and gainsCollected few little wisdom grains I’ve fallen in love; I gave all myselfI’ve almost lost the feeling of selfIt’s hard to be alpha wolf with a horseIf he only wants me to apply real force Loved; then was left; again and againLove always ended with feeling of painOne true love is warming my chestMy...

lewd ensues

Night is quietSomething itchesMaybe we needFew more bitches?

They will comeWe’ll make them wetFun ensuesAlong with sweat

one stroke at a time

Pen moving; one stroke at a timeThe movements quick and preciseImage evolving in black and whiteSoft curves; shiny eyes; looks nice She keeps drawing and I just watchHypnotised by the magic of craftSome strokes take longer to masterThe drawing coming out from draft Just a bit ago the canvas was cleanThe lines start crawling into my sightThe face looks from the paper at meThat face is happy;...

all kinds of fun

I curl up and reach for my tailSlowly lick along my crotchThe scent is warm and wildWith a little mixin’ of scotch

The fur is stained and messedThe muzzle covered in bloodClaws deeply covered in dirtUnderbelly soaking in mud

It was entertaining I’d sayReleasing inner wolf to runA little feral blood-soaked joyI surely had all kinds of fun~

I am Shinyuu

I am white wolf; I roam the wildI seek for answers to life I seeI am Shinyuu; someone’s friendSpirit is strong and forever free

Maybe a thought; maybe illnessI still came to exist in this mindNo more tags; other than nameI am Shinyuu. I’m one of a kind

gone like wind

I will do moreOr perish; forgottenWho knows?My mood is rotten.

Gone like windBlown like a candleI pass awayLife’s hard to handle.


I live in the world without sunI live in the world without funI am just a sparkle; tinySome people call me shiny Do I bring something in for you?Useful at least? Got no clueI’m a sparkle that burnsTiny sparkle that learns Do I belong to the world of yours?Would you open for me any doors?Flickering into realityEvolving my own morality My world now has an imaginary sunMy ears bring you some joy and...

maturing day by day

I’m sitting here with the penWaiting for thoughts to comeI’ve been around for a yearThinking now what’ve I done A year passed girl; was long!You loved; you suffered; diedEnjoyed those countless talksAll the lewd things you tried Did all they brought you joy?Do you feel like keep going?With these people backing youDo you feel you’re not slowing? I ask myself again and againI try to relax and stay...



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