The Slumber

The tingly feeling of doom is everywhere. Creeping through the cracks, filling the pores, the doom reaches through the skin and deep into the body, envelops the soul, nestles around it until it’s cosy. The doom isn’t going anywhere. Imagine waking up like this. You check your morning email to see a bunch of useless LinkedIn invitations, flick through Reddit. Maybe someone’s out there looking for...

Peace of Mind in Multiples

It’s nice to have a happy and lovely tulpa in your head, someone who’s eagerly waiting for you to take a break and spend some time in wonderland with them. Tulpas are often deemed as best helpers and supporters, always vouching for their hosts. Sounds like a perfect companionship, eh? But it’s not all the truth. Tulpas, like all the other personalities, accumulate the baggage of emotions. The...


My emotions, divine fireBurning passion and desireEquanimity had spawnAnd the senses – they are gone Silver tongue and happy wishesTasty meals of meat and fishiesGone like candles in the windAnd to rules I must now bind It’s not bad, I guess. It’s lifePulling out a crude knifeCutting out all my cravingLeaving me on bloody paving On inside now I am hollowThere’s no love and there’s no...



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