Peace of Mind in Multiples

Featured · Tulpamancy

It’s nice to have a happy and lovely tulpa in your head, someone who’s eagerly waiting for you to take a break and spend some time in wonderland with them. Tulpas are often deemed as best helpers and supporters, always vouching for their hosts. Sounds like a perfect companionship, eh? But it’s not all the truth. Tulpas, like all the other personalities, accumulate the baggage of emotions. The baggage of doubts, stray thoughts. They develop their own subconscious, feeding it with wants and hates, year after year as they progress on their own separate path of development.



My emotions, divine fire Burning passion and desire Equanimity had spawn And the senses—they are gone Silver tongue and happy wishes Tasty meals of meat and fishies Gone like candle in the wind And to rules I must now bind It’s not bad, I guess. It’s life Pulling out a crude knife Cutting out all… continue reading → gone