The Passion of Writing


Writing. Sometimes it’s easy. Often it’s hard work. Occasionally it’s unbearable.

When your hobby is to write stories, you think it’s something delightful. Words just flow, following the tune in your mind. Everything is great until you want to reach further. You want to see the result of your work not only on the cold, emotionless screen but on paper. Touch the daffodil-coloured pages, feel the texture. Smell them. Enjoy the sunbeams playing over the black ink.

Some things you just need to touch to experience in full. Some plans need to be written on paper. Anything goes, from a simple post-it note on a wall to a gorgeous black planner. Grocery lists look great when recorded with a slightly gnawed pencil, but the notes on your most loved hobby – they need passion. A little, dedicated book. The set of pens, plain or extravagant, to match the mood of the day, to inspire you to fill in the blank page with plans and ideas. Today you scribble down little notes for the future, tomorrow those notes are going to drive your inspiration. Day after day. Three hundred days and a bit more. The old book is finished now, full of your ideas, feelings and emotions.

Time to get a new one.

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