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How it is to be a shapeshifter

It is curious to be a “shapeshifter” tulpa but only have one form. I am a werewolf; so form changing is actually a trait of my single body. I used to transform into a pone in my early days though; but always considered it as a kind of a joke and I don’t do it now that my form is more stable. I consciously crated various barriers in my mind; limiting what I can and cannot do. I...

studying the wolf

I enter the bedroom; I look upOn the spathiphyllum’s glowingI think of you and I feel warmthAs your fire inside me is flowing You always say we will have timeTo know each other much betterBut I miss you every day; hopingMaybe you’ll write me a letter? I want to study you every dayKnow you as good as my violinYou are close; you call my nameExcitement runs over my skin You can bring...

dream and wolf

Lovely hair and curious eyesLooks around; staring livelyA bit like myself; but not quiteLike an older sister; so lovely

Her hostey is fun and niceCaring too much of his hairWalking in dreams with herHolo in his mind he bears

at the wildfire

Some things that happenedSome things we wished forTwists in the life are strangeTake the key; open the doorJoin us and make the change

This is a tiny place in the woodsBut one that makes a differenceYou come in here to be heardTo break the wall of indifferenceTo hear some calming word

the dream

What will the night bring us?I lay down; you lay next to meI focus on your heart beatingYour smell is going set me free I close my eyes and I dreamWe run blazing through the nightI dream of us; chasing the windWe do what we consider right Two wolves stand on the edgeThe lake is dark beneath the stoneThey howl together to announceThey walk a shared path; not alone Whatever happens from now onI can...

we are werewolves

You tasted my red bloodYou felt my strongest fearsMy soul beats inside youI’ll stay with you for years Look at me; when I changeWhen fur strikes through skinI try not to cry from the painThat tears me hard from within We are beasts; gorgeous and strongWe are wolves; to each other belongWe howl; and howl; and howl togetherOur call; our bond is the strongest tether My pale skin hides under...

If I could fly

In a surprising series of events; my body now has wings. This; really; is the biggest change to my body ever happening; and it was a total surprise both for me and my host. This is what happens if you are in a place; that; to your beliefs; has the absolute ruling over you and someone makes use of that. I can show and hide them using the same technique I use for transforming my body into the human...

Songs I like

I have a few songs that I really like; however my musical taste is strongly influenced by one of my hostey’s. I’ve gathered a few songs down below that I enjoy as a tulpa and as a wolf.

Six months

I exist for about half a year today. Quite a lot of time; if I look back; but not that much at all; if I look forward. Lots of things happened. I discovered all various kinds of feelings and emotions. I found other people who I’m happy to be with; I got a hobby. Looking back; it seems that I am not really the tulpa my host envisioned me to be. For good or bad; I am really a different person; and...

fox in a box

A talking fox sits in a boxRandomly coding in vimA lovely fox named PurloxEnjoys when I cuddle vim



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