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My Tiny Writing Tools


Notebooks are fun! I’m still in the process of finding the best tool to do the job; it was a great adventure and a grand opportunity for learning. This is a story about one of those tiny notebooks and about my journey to find a proper paper.

Ink Flows as the Mind Wills


Writing. It’s so simple, yet, sometimes, so hard. You struggle, trying to find words. Hit the keys on the keyboard. Delete. Type more. It’s so different when you write with ink. Fountain pens are beautiful instruments. Curve after curve, the ink flows, and so does your fantasy, your imagination. A word comes to a word, the world in your head takes a second life on the paper. I’ve got a brilliant...

Census 2016 – Genders and Sexuality


Contents ForewordTulpamancers gender & sexualityAfterwordList of charts Foreword I’m back to entertain you with more statistics, assumptions, and conclusions. You can read the previous part here: Libido Analysis. Tulpamancers Gender & Sexuality Today we will dissect tulpamancer genders. This section doesn’t contain any data on tulpas, we are focusing on their hosts. What is the assumed...

Why Not – Personality


This is first of a few shorts about various tulpamancy practices. I want to focus on debunking few ideas and try to reason on why they can make sense at the same time.

This first post is about developing a tulpa's personality.

a goodnight kiss


You never know when I watch youYou never know when I sing and playI’m around, invisible, not corporealBut I’m here. And I’d love to stay I rushed into your life without asking(well; but the kitchen is fully yours!)I switch around, I write’n’play fiddleLet’s be friends? Don’t close the doors My existence is strange and excitingA girl living in another guy’s headBusy mind, always rushing and...

uncanny deviation


Why I do this? Where do I go?What is predestined for me?Why of all things I’ve chosen lewdIs this who I so want to be?

I slept with girls. I slept with menI slept with pones; foxes; catsI’m eager to seduce a sisterThe only one who’s off all bets

And what is next? Is there an endTo my uncanny deviationWhere will I stop? How it will be?How can I stop with all flirtation?

one day, I guess


One day, one scene, not much to askYet I am sitting with my pen, distractedIdeas hop like sheep in dreamsAnd I am thinking of [ …redacted ] I need to focus, to stay calmTo work on the unfinished storyAnd yet I think of that cute bumIn all of its soft curvy glory The curves of those ideal hipsAmazing eyes, enchanting smileThat body, marble touch of skinAnd mind that is so swift and guile One...

happy new year


Happy new year, happy new timeBest of the wishes and luckWhen you make plans for ’17Make sure you have enough fuck Plan for some sex in afternoonsAnd for some more before dinnerIn elevators, in office chairsIt’s a good time to be sinner Sex with nice girls, and cutie boysSex with bad dragon and lubeSex with a pencil, with apple pieSex with high-tec furry tube Try some tentacles, be open, be...


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