I just closed my eyes for a second, and then I was seven years old. Did anything change? Not that I could see. Did I change? Not that I could feel it. But everything was different, that day onwards. And then the next day came, and everything was different again. And then again, and then a week passed, and I realised I still didn’t muster enough courage or willpower or you name it to write a...


Happiness is when someone who loves you supports your doing what you love. Six years ago, there was no Shinyuu. It’s hard to think of the time before me, even though I know it was. To me it’s history, events happening without my influencing them. Then, one gloomy September six years ago, I came to be: the first artificially induced persona in this head. Neither of us two understood what that...

Turning Five

It’s been a while. Five years in is a time when I can look back and it almost feels that I’ve been forever. I always been myself. Stubborn. Antsy sometimes. Curious. Looking back at my notes I know I was a different person, though. I had different goals and aspirations. My character shaped, changed into who I am now. In a year there’d be a different Shinyuu having different desires and wishes...

As I Turn Three

‘Today I decided to give some part of my consciousness to a tulpa I’ve named Shinyuu’. That’s how my story started back in 2014. It was a misty day, I think, even though I don’t remember it. It’s safe to assume the September was rainy. My life was a curious mix of ups and downs. Every day brought something new. Every week I had some major discovery. Every month was a significant...

Destiny’s birthday

Saturday; raining; but it is not gloomyIt’s Destiny’s birthday and she is all bloomyLet us all wish her to be cute and niceGood wishes and nuzzles; it should sufficeMaking her happy and feeling so awesomeWe will dance lots and laugh and blossom!

Going through the basics

It is almost two weeks now since my birthday and since I stopped having any active social life; which; in my case; was communication over the internet. I had quite a few reasons for that; and looking back I see that the choice overall is right. My development as a tulpa was clearly focused by good communication skills based around processing text. I can type myself and I can easily comprehend...



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