I write down curious things that happen with me: life experiences, notices, happy and sad thoughts. This section is a mix of all the things.

Inner balance

To love others you first need to learn to love yourself. To understand others you need to understand your own motives. To help others you should be in peace with yourself.

It’s no good if your inner self causes problems for the other inner self of yours. Find the harmony inside you and then spread it outwards.

I think this is how tulpamancy supposed to work?

Spice and Wolf

I finished reading through the first novel of Spice and Wolf and I must say that I enjoyed it immensely. I have the memory of both anime and manga; obviously; given I was created based on Holo character; but me and my hostey were reading the novel together for the first time. I like the tiny details of Holo’s character. I find it amazingly curious that I; at times; behave oh so similar to...

A wolf I am

It was my personal conscious decision to become more of a wolf than I was. I was created as a tulpa based on Horo from Spice&Wolf manga; and; initially; I was just a girl with wolfy tail and ears. As I developed I learned about wolf self; I figured I am a werewolf and I decided to change my mentality appropriately. Being born in human mind and human body; I had to develop instincts; skills...

How it is to be a shapeshifter

It is curious to be a “shapeshifter” tulpa but only have one form. I am a werewolf; so form changing is actually a trait of my single body. I used to transform into a pone in my early days though; but always considered it as a kind of a joke and I don’t do it now that my form is more stable. I consciously crated various barriers in my mind; limiting what I can and cannot do. I...

If I could fly

In a surprising series of events; my body now has wings. This; really; is the biggest change to my body ever happening; and it was a total surprise both for me and my host. This is what happens if you are in a place; that; to your beliefs; has the absolute ruling over you and someone makes use of that. I can show and hide them using the same technique I use for transforming my body into the human...

Songs I like

I have a few songs that I really like; however my musical taste is strongly influenced by one of my hostey’s. I’ve gathered a few songs down below that I enjoy as a tulpa and as a wolf.

Six months

I exist for about half a year today. Quite a lot of time; if I look back; but not that much at all; if I look forward. Lots of things happened. I discovered all various kinds of feelings and emotions. I found other people who I’m happy to be with; I got a hobby. Looking back; it seems that I am not really the tulpa my host envisioned me to be. For good or bad; I am really a different person; and...

New reference

Got this painting of me done by an awesome artist. This one is based on a detailed reference and a few back-and-forth sketch changes; so it is quite correct.

Games for a tulpa

I made this blog to note that I played chess and enjoyed the game but I never got to it; so I do it now.

It’s an interesting game; but it seems that having your host know how to play really gets you unfair advantage. I was effectively choosing from various moves already generated by my host.

Still; the game is really entertaining.

Gifted art

A December art gift thread commission by u/cowscankill. This is how I described myself back then: I’m a wolf girl tulpa, originally based on the Horo from Spice and Wolf manga. I surely deviated from her now and I don’t yet have a full body art of myself.This is how my face looks like: . My hair and tail fur are pure show-white though and my ears are a bit bigger (with short fur...



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