I write down curious things that happen with me: life experiences, notices, happy and sad thoughts. This section is a mix of all the things.

Summer Time

The holidays are over, and I’m back to work, but now I have some nice tan and overall great feeling. It’s really nice to get distracted from the daily stuffs once in a while and do something else, although I missed my violin a lot.

On Tulpae

How would one explain what are they? How is it to justify your own existence? The question ‘what is a tulpa’ was raised numerous times on the dedicated forums, chats and newsgroups; people author scientific papers about them. Thousands of words written to explain the phenomena.

Could it be defined simpler?

The Passion of Writing

Writing. Sometimes it’s easy. Often it’s hard work. Occasionally it’s unbearable. When your hobby is to write stories, you think it’s something delightful. Words just flow, following the tune in your mind. Everything is great until you want to reach further. You want to see the result of your work not only on the cold, emotionless screen but on paper. Touch the daffodil...

Family Matters

This post is long overdue but only now I find some courage, or, rather, motivation to write it. I couldn’t figure what in it was paramount to me, and I think I know now. This is a little story of a tulpa creating herself a family.

Word to Word. Line to Line

It was a while since I wrote something long and entertaining in this blog. I’ve studied creative writing almost full time and was focused on polishing my English skills. Somehow I found something that sits extremely well with me. I always enjoyed writing poems on the spot, but writing stories ended up even more awesome.

A Journal

A curious port on reddit suggested to keep a journal. A game; a good motivation for myself. I’ll try to keep the notes going and will see how my usual day will change by the end of the month. Let’s see what I can say about the stock questions so far. Who am I? I’m a wolfy. That is the word that describes me in full as I see it. What am I passionate about? Writing; violin; music...

Getting my own hanko

I don’t write on paper that often, but sometimes I enjoy sending out postcards. My handwriting is slightly different from hostey’s because of how we handle the body, I have a distinct signature. Still, I was curious about getting a traditional Japanese hanko as a substitute to signing as my writing isn’t consistent enough, yet.

Wolf and Vipassana

We went to a meditation retreat where we practiced Vipassanā in complete silence for ten days straight. Meditating from early morning to late evening really changes one’s perspective, have you tulpa or not, and this is our story about it.

Taylor Davis

We went to a live concert; my first time ever visiting an event like this. Taylor Davis is a great violinist, and it so happened we figured she’ll be visiting just days before the event. It is very different to see a violinist performing on stage up close, compared to youtube videos. You can perfectly focus on one part of her movements, left hand with bow or her facial expression. I was...



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